Recommended Emollient Creams to Use on a Daily Basis

Emollient creams are used to help manage dry and itchy skin
Epaderm and Enopen emollient creams can be seen in the photo above.

What are Emollient Creams?

Emollients are used to help manage dry and itchy skin conditions such as eczema. Emollients can come in many different forms including creams, ointments, lotions and gels. They also to create a barrier on the skin that helps prevent water from getting out. Emollient creams are different to moisturising creams and although they help keep the skin soft and smooth they won’t draw water into your skin. Emollients can be found in moisturisers, along with other ingredients that eczema suffers don’t want.

Daily Routine

I personally use an emollient cream 3 times a day and apply it generously to my body and face. The great thing about emollients, is that you can use them anywhere on the body, unlike corticosteroids. They are key to keeping dry skin at bay.

I rotate my creams around every few months, as I feel like my body becomes ‘used’ to them. This is something that I have found helps me over the years and notice a little change when I make the switch. That’s why it’s always handy to know a few different creams that suit you.

I prefer to stick to creams over ointments, as ointments tend to make me itch. Ointments are great to use if the skin is very dry but are much better to use at night-time, whilst going to sleep.

Epaderm Emollient Cream

Currently, this is my go to cream and also use it in-between my ‘cycles’. I have used this cream, along with Cetraben the most over the last decade.

Cetraben Emollient Cream

The old faithful. This is the cream I cycle the most, along side Epaderm. It’s feels a little lighter on my skin than the previous mentioned. Enopen feels very similar to Cetraben in my opinion.

Diprobase Emollient Cream

I used this cream a lot when I was a child and it was applied generously! I still go back to this emollient (20 years later!) when I feel my skin needs a change and something fresh.

So there you have it, my four most used emollient creams. Along side the antisept, corticosteroid, soothing and anti-itch creams and oitments, that I don’t use on a daily basis, I firmly believe that these emollients are the base to my on-going eczema routine.

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