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    Darth Apple

    So Apple has released something new, and this time, they’ve radically improved the Macbook Air.

    I had the original 2018 model when it first came out. I had a 128GB version, and the only downside was that the storage was pretty tight. The CPU was pretty heavily throttled, but being that it was an 8th gen, it was still faster than the older macbook Airs and the turbo boost would kick in nicely.

    Now, they’ve put Ice lake in, doubled the storage size, and gotten rid of the unreliable butterfly keyboard. The new one is looking like it’s going to shape together very nicely.

    It looks like Apple is finally trying to make the Mac line a little more affordable in terms of having good components inside.


    Have you had a Mac before? What are your thoughts on the new one?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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